• Today's Plate Lunch "Everyday to change Recommended pasta, omelette, curry, panino"


      Salad, 2 kinds of side dishes, drink, with petite dessert

    • Petit Slow Course Ranch


      A little luxurious lunch than usual.Assorted appetizers 5 kinds of assorted.Please choose "Today's curry" or "omelette".After meals with drinks and two different dolce assorted ※ In winter you can also choose gratin



      Meet lunch newly added to LIFE is a set of 5 kinds of appetizers and a main meat of this week + a set of assorted drinks and drinks.Furthermore, as an aperitif, one of beer, "glass wine", "sparkling" service One day of service Let's have a little extravagant lunch.After 2 cups of alcohol I am happy 300 yen ♪